Did Rigsby and Van Pelt leave The Mentalist in season 6? (2023)

On August 7, 2013, it was announced that characters Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt, played by Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti, both of whom had been on the series since the first episode, would be leaving.

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Why did Van Pelt and Rigsby leave The Mentalist in season 6?

After his stellar work on the case (and a recovery, of course), Rigsby was offered a full-time position with the FBI, but he turned it down as the couple decided to leave the law enforcement life behind. Don't you love it when your favorite TV characters actually get a happy ending?!

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Are Rigsby and Van Pelt in season 6?

'The Mentalist' season 6, episode 15 review: Rigsby and Van Pelt's goodbye. Many fans of “The Mentalist” knew that it was coming, but on Sunday night, the moment finally happened: The end of the road for Rigsby and Van Pelt.

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Are Rigsby and Grace in season 7?

Her final appearance on the show was in the very last episode of the series, Season 7 episode 13, "White Orchids" at Jane and Lisbon's wedding. She appears along with Rigsby and their two kids.

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Did Rigsby and Van Pelt leave The Mentalist?

Wayne Rigsby and Grace Van Pelt have left the building — for good. Sunday's episode of The Mentalist marked a harrowing farewell to the characters played by Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti, who have been series regulars since the CBS drama debuted in 2008.

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5x18 scene - Van Pelt comes back

Why did Amanda Righetti and Owain leave The Mentalist?

It was first reported in August that Righetti and Owain Yeoman's characters Van Pelt and Rigsby will be written out near the end of the sixth season. Righetti has now clarified that she is departing The Mentalist largely because "the time is probably right", reports TV Line.

What happened to Grace and Rigsby on The Mentalist?

After the case is closed, they get back together. In "Wedding in Red", Rigsby proposes to her and she accepts; they are married later in the same episode. In the episode "My Blue Heaven", it is revealed that Rigsby and Van Pelt have a daughter named Maddy.

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Is Cho in season 7 of The Mentalist?

Lisbon's team includes agents Kimball Cho, Wayne Rigsby and rookie member Grace Van Pelt, who all think Patrick Jane is a loose cannon but admire his charm and knack for clearing cases.

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What happened to Cho in The Mentalist?

The Mentalist has lost a series regular during Wednesday's episode that will change the course of this final season. Tonight's hour, “Nothing Gold Can Stay,” saw the loss of young FBI agent Michelle Vega (Josie Loren), who died struggling for breath in the arms of Agent Cho (Tim Kang) after being shot by a bank robber.

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Who is the serial killer in The Mentalist Season 7?

The killer, whose name is Joe Keller Jr., attempts to use Jane to communicate with the spirit of his serial-killer father and reconcile with his violent instincts. While Keller periodically leaves the house Jane is being kept in, Jane uses his resources to uncuff himself and set up a trap for Keller.

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Who does Lisbon date in season 6?

Towards the end of season 6, Lisbon is debating taking a job offer in Washington DC and move there together with her boyfriend Marcus Pike.

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Who is Red John's accomplice in the CBI?

Lorelei reappears in episode 16 of season 5, "There Will Be Blood", which reveals two new accomplices of Red John – well-regarded citizens Julia Howard and Jason Lennon – an employee and a trustee of a women's shelter, respectively.

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Is Sheriff McAllister Red John?

Yes, Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley) is Red John. He wasn't really blown up a couple episodes back. After watching this hour of The Mentalist last week under top-secret embargo, I initially felt quite pleased: Red John's death was equal parts shocking and satisfying.

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Is Lisbon Red John?

In the episode "The Desert Rose", Lisbon is captured by Red John. In episode “Little Yellow House” (season 7) it is revealed that Lisbon's 3rd brother is named Stanley and Lisbon is the oldest.

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When did Amanda Righetti leave The Mentalist?

In September 2011, Righetti signed with talent agency UTA. Righetti left The Mentalist after season six. Righetti starred as a divorced novelist in the Hallmark Channel television film Love at the Shore (2017).

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Why was Agent Vega killed off on The Mentalist?

One of my favorite sayings is, “The price of love is loss.” Vega's death was meant to bring that out to the point where no one could ignore, and force Jane and Lisbon to deal with it or not. That's what the last batch of episodes is about.

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Did Lisbon leave The Mentalist?

She quits her job as a police chief to work with Jane for the FBI.

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Why did Tim Kang leave The Mentalist?

KANG: Because of the necessary things that we needed to do, I haven't been able to work with Simon, almost at all, in the first half of this season. Last season, me and Simon would have some cool scenes together in each episode, which I thought was great.

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Why did summer leave The Mentalist?

After a heated argument with Cho about her use of drugs, she takes his advice to leave the state and start over, thus ending their relationship. In the season five episode, Panama Red, a pregnant Summer returns to Sacramento and becomes a suspect in a counterfeiting operation.

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What happens in season 6 episode 8 of The Mentalist?

While the FBI shuts down agent Lisbon's CBI team, Patrick goes off on his own to track down the man he has publicly identified as Red John. While the FBI shuts down agent Lisbon's CBI team, Patrick goes off on his own to track down the man he has publicly identified as Red John.

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What happens after Patrick Kills Red John?

After he kills the real Red John, he escapes to South America, but he returns after two years to work as a consultant for the FBI.

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Who does Van Pelt end up with?

Wedding bells are upon us on The Mentalist. It was six years in the making, but Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) and Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) finally tied the knot.

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Is Rigsby Red John?

"The Mentalist" Red John (TV Episode 2013) - Owain Yeoman as Wayne Rigsby - IMDb.

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Does Van Pelt marry O Laughlin?

In the episode "Blood for Blood," Van Pelt accepts O'Laughlin's marriage proposal, much to Rigsby's dismay. However, it is revealed in the third season finale that Craig is actually a mole for Red John.

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What did Bosco tell Jane?

Despicable Nixonian President on 24! And then, Bosco, on his death bed, told the show's hero, con man-turned-trickster detective Patrick Jane, that if the carny Sherlock should ever catch Red John, he shouldn't arrest him, he should kill him. He whispered something into Patrick's ear and died.

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