Does Hemp Make the Healthiest Rolling Papers? (2023)

With all the different types of rolling papers available these days, it's hard to determine which ones are the healthiest rolling papers and which ones just have good marketing. If you’re familiar with the cannabis industry, you’ve probably heard that hemp paper is one of the healthiest options for smokers. But, there are many misconceptions about hemp and what the healthiest rolling papers are.

That’s why we are breaking down exactly whathemp papersare and if they are actually healthier than smoking other types of paper.

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a plant in the cannabis family that is grown for industrial and medical use.Hemphas been around for more than 10,000 years and has been used for a variety of reasons including paper, clothing, textiles, rope, and building materials.

According to MIT, hemp paper was actually the first paper to be created in 150 BC.

Thehempplant is different from a marijuana plant because it contains very low trace amounts of THC. Hemp is defined as a cannabis plant that contains 0.3% THC or less. These amounts are too low for anyone to experience psychoactive effects, so hemp is approved by federal law and is legal to use.

Hemp produces higher amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) and is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of CBD on the market. Although, when rolling paper manufacturers use hemp as their paper, it does not contain any CBD.

Hemp papersare made from the fibrous stalks of the plant which don’t actually contain any CBD, so smoking them will not get you high or have other side effects. These fibrous stalks are called “bast fibers”.

The bast fibers are essentially split into three categories: primary, secondary, and tow. Each category has a different cell strength and cell wall thickness. These determine the fiber’s strength, durability, and primary uses.

Many consider hemp the healthiest rolling paper because it comes from the same plant as the marijuana you’re smoking. Hemp is also considered more sustainable because it grows back faster than the trees that produce paper. However the debate over what are the healthiest rolling papers is pretty intense, and many still wonder: are hemp papers healthy?

Are Hemp Papers Healthyto Smoke?

Does Hemp Make the Healthiest Rolling Papers? (1)

Originally, rolling papers were made from corn husks because of their fibrous content. Today, we use the fibrous content of thehempplant instead but just because they are naturally derived doesn’t mean they are healthy for us.

So are hemp papers healthy? According to the American Lung Association, inhaling smoke of any kind is going to be bad for your lungs and your health.

When you usehemp paperfor your rolling papers, it is still getting burned at the end of the day and causing carbon and ash to go into your lungs.

In this respect, it is no healthier of an option than traditional wood pulp based papers that are used for regular cigarettes andsome rolling papers.

Althoughhemp paperitself is not any healthier to smoke than bleached white paper or beige natural fiber papers, the additives that some companies use can be more or less healthy.

This includes added dye, chalks, flavorings, and other materials that a company will use to make their product more appealing but less healthy. Ultimately, the healthiest rolling papers are those with the fewest additives. Any paper you must burn and inhale may put a strain on your lungs. But that strain is exacerbated by harmful chemicals and additives that companies put in their rolling papers for various reasons.

Some companies bleach their papers to make them white which can leave a residue of chemicals.Hemp paperstend to not be bleached, although it depends on the manufacturer. The best way to determine if hemp papers are healthy is to read the packaging and see if it mentions anything suspicious. The healthiest rolling papers are usually the ones that say 100% natural or organic. These will typically have no potentially harmful toxins that could damage your lungs.

What Are the Healthiest Rolling Papers?

If you decide to stick withhempfor personal reasons, these are some of the healthiest rolling papers that do a better job than others of providing a safer option.

RAW Organic Hemp Papers -You might have heard of this brand as they are one of the largest in the industry for producing rolling papers of any kind. Their reputable brand should put you at ease for the quality of their products. Their organic hemp papers contain no dyes or chalks for what are perhaps the healthiest rolling papers possible.

Vibes Hemp Cones- If you have trouble rolling your papers or ripping them while trying to get your smoke session going, VibesHemp Conespre-rolled hemp papers are the way to go. All the hard work is done for you so all you have to do is fill them up with up to 1 gram of flower.

Hemp ZigZag Organic Papers- The eco-conscious smoker will enjoy rolling papers from ZigZag, another staple in the rolling paper industry. Made with unbleached, ultra-thin paper, these provide a smoother hit compared to some of its competitors. They use 100% renewable hemp fibers so you don’t have to worry about the environment on your smoke break.

Pure Unbleached Single Wide Papers- Offering a variety of sizes, these unbleached single wide rolling papers are also chlorine-free, meaning your drags will be easy on the lungs. You can even pick from a variety of sizes depending on how much flower you want to put in each.

Bambu Organic Hemp King Size Papers- Bambu uses 100% organic hemp for their rolling papers and even includes a quality assurance starter sheet with every booklet you purchase. A box will come with 50 king size booklet rolling papers.

What are the Benefits of Hemp Papers?

So, if hemp papers aren’t necessarily the healthiest rolling papers then what is the benefit of smoking them? Althoughhemp papersare not necessarily healthier than other alternatives, they also aren’t more dangerous. But they also offer numerous benefits that offer a more enjoyable experience. Here are a few reasons why hemp rolling papers are preferred by smokers everywhere.

All Natural

Hemp papers tend to be all natural and derived from the same plant that produces cannabis. Therefore, hemp papers are healthier than other alternatives in some scenarios. It’s less common forhemp papersto contain harmful substances that may damage your lungs. So most people wondering what are the healthiest rolling papers typically start with hemp because it has a more natural look and feeling. Plus, hemp is also typically grown without fertilizers or pesticides, which often results in healthier rolling papers than other common alternatives.

Burn Rate

Despite being quite thin,hemp papersoften burn at a slower rate than traditional wood pulp rolling papers and other alternatives. It ultimately depends on how well your pack and light the joint, but many smokers find that hemp provides a smooth even burn.

The reason burn rate is important is because it translates to a more pleasant smoking experience. Have you ever lit up only to find your entire joint obliterated in a few puffs? A slower burn rate means you can enjoy yourself for longer and won’t have to hyperventilate just to get the most out of your bud. So if you’re in search of healthiest rolling papers that offer the most pleasant smoking experience, you should consider hemp.

Easier to Roll

Many smokers also findhemp paperseasier to roll than other alternatives. Hemp papers often have a texture that makes them easier to roll than rice papers and other alternatives. It gives you an extra grip that makes the motion of creating a perfect cone much easier. Plus, it’s very durable, which means it won’t fall apart in your hands while you’re trying to roll.

Have you ever gone through multiple papers trying to get the perfect shape? Hemp papers can help you avoid this and get it right on the first try with a strong and easy to grip surface that offers maximum control and flexibility while rolling.

Are Hemp Rolling Papers Healthy?

The short answer is no; even the healthiest rolling papers aren’t healthy to smoke. That’s because burning any kind of paper releases carbon and ash into your lungs which can have long-term effects. Your lungs are designed to breathe in oxygen and any time you inhale additional substances that aren’t natural for your body, it can cause health issues. But as long as you use moderation and are careful about what you’re smoking, you won’t do much long term damage.

But are hemp papers healthy compared to the alternatives? What makes hemp papershealthierthan other options is when they aren’t treated with harmful chemicals. Hemp growers often go to great lengths to ensure that plants are grown in natural conditions. Plus,hemp papersoften feature the least chemicals and additives because they are preferred by brands looking to offer a healthier product. So while all rolling papers offer some health risks, in general hemp tends to be a better alternative.

So if you want to know what are the healthiest rolling papers, try to find hemp papers that aren’t treated with additives. Read the packaging and look for any signs of bleaching or the addition of other toxins that could potentially be harmful.

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Is hemp rolling paper healthier? ›

Organic RAW hemp papers are arguably the healthiest way to smoke weed if you're choosing to spark up some flower. I've met a lot of folks in and out of the medical community that wouldn't hesitate to call RAW the best and healthiest rolling papers because they're light, airy, and you can taste the purity.

What is the healthiest rolling paper to smoke? ›

Many consider hemp the healthiest rolling paper because it comes from the same plant as the marijuana you're smoking. Hemp is also considered more sustainable because it grows back faster than the trees that produce paper.

Are hemp papers better than regular papers? ›

Rolling papers are made from natural fibers. These fibers are extracted and then rolled into very thin sheets. Sometimes companies will bleach the paper white using calcium carbonate along with pressure and heat. Generally speaking, hemp rolling paper contains far less chemicals and additives than regular papers.

What is the benefit of hemp rolling paper? ›

Rice Rolling Papers

Still, remember that one of the primary benefits of hemp rolling papers is that they're thicker and capable of holding plenty of cannabis. In contrast, rice rolling papers are much more likely to tear if you're packing a large joint. Keep in mind, there are many rolling paper sizes to choose from.

Is hemp healthier than tobacco? ›

Hemp Cigarettes and your Health

The benefits of smoking hemp cigarettes are much safer than tobacco cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes contain over 4,000 chemicals, including at least 60 known carcinogens. Hemp cigarettes do not have any of these harmful chemicals.

Why don't we use hemp instead of paper? ›

Production costs are about four times higher than for paper from wood since the infrastructure for using hemp is underdeveloped. For the most part, hemp paper is used for specialty applications and not for mass applications such as printing, writing and packaging paper.

Are hemp rolling papers safe? ›

Rolling papers that are made of 100% hemp and 100% rice have been around for a while and are devoid of large amounts of dangerous and toxic chemicals that may contribute to ill health and disease. But because these products aren't bleached, it doesn't mean they are of a lower smoking quality.

Which paper is best for smoking? ›

Rolling paper or cigarette paper is a good option to enjoy the natural flavours and aroma of tobacco and tobacco products. There is a huge variety of cigarette papers available in different sizes, materials, and filter types.

What can I smoke instead of paper? ›

Here are some things we've learned about what to use around the house to get your smoke on—legally,of course.
  • Corn Husks Aren't Just for Tamales. Corn husks, mostly used for tamales, are readily available in most Latine kitchens. ...
  • An Apple A Day. ...
  • Toilet Paper Rolls. ...
  • Aluminum Cans. ...
  • Tin Foil.
Apr 20, 2021

What is the disadvantage of hemp paper? ›

On the other hand, the primary con of hemp paper is the cost of hemp cultivation. This has a high initial investment needed when farming it. In terms of quality and strength of the fibers, hemp provides durable, highly performant and quality paper. In contrast to pulp paper that isn't as tough and durable.

Is smoking hemp papers bad? ›

Smoke is smoke, and hemp fibers in rolling papers are still being burnt and creating ash and carbon, which is irritating to the lungs. The American Lung Association says, “Inhaling smoke of any kind — whether it's cannabinoid-containing weed or tobacco or another substance — is bad for lung health.”

Are rice or hemp papers better? ›

Hemp papers are thicker and rougher than rice ones, providing a good grip when rolling. However, they have a similar tendency to absorb (and eventually release) humidity. They have a medium burn rate and go out less often than rice papers.

What is pure hemp rolling paper made of? ›

Rolling papers are made from hemp fiber, which grows on the outside of the plant's stalk. The fibers are known as bast fibers and do not contain cannabinoids. Cannabinoids, such as CBD, are produced by the hemp leaves and flowers.

What are the disadvantages of hemp? ›

5 Disadvantages Of Hemp Fabric
Feb 9, 2020

How bad is it to smoke hemp? ›

observed low strength evidence with the development of testicular germ cell cancer, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest that smoking Cannabis may lead to an increased risk of stroke and heart disease. With respect to lung health, Cannabis smoke causes damage and scarring to small blood vessels.

What does hemp do to your lungs? ›

CBD and its impacts on a protective peptide show that the cannabinoid may reduce lung inflammation and damage. Findings from a recent study reported that cannabidiol (CBD) may improve lung structure and create a potent anti-inflammatory effect through the regulation of apelin, a natural peptide.

Was the Bible written on hemp paper? ›

Worldwide distribution as a crop

The fibers were mainly used to make fabrics and paper. For example, the first Bible was printed on hemp by Johannes Gutenberg in 1455.

Is hemp actually useful? ›

The vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in hemp seeds can provide some significant health benefits. For example, hemp oil is rich in vitamin E, which is useful for helping keep your immune system functioning. It also acts as an antioxidant, helping reduce free radicals that can cause cell damage in your body.

When did they stop using hemp for paper? ›

While we like to think we discovered something brand new, hemp was actually widely used in paper making across the world in the 1800s, but declined in the early 1900s as hemp production and trading ran afoul of narcotics laws.

Are hemp wraps better for your lungs? ›

Compared to blunts and other kinds of rolling paper, hemp wraps are the safest option. They're less likely to contain harmful chemical residues and offer an untainted flavor. The fibers in hemp wraps burn just like any other material, creating ash and carbon, which irritate your respiratory system.

Is hemp paper good quality? ›

Hemp offers superior quality paper: Hemp paper fibers do not decompose or deteriorate by turning yellow or brown like wood pulp paper does. Quick growing: Hemp stalks grow in four months, while trees take between twenty to eighty years.

What is the difference between classic and hemp papers? ›

While both RAW Organic and RAW Classic are natural choices for rolling paper, the main difference between them is that the Organic kind is made of hemp while the Classic contains unbleached fibers. Classic is unrefined, while Organic grows in an eco-friendly manner.

What rolling papers are approved by FDA? ›

The FDA issued orders for three roll-your-own tobacco paper products, manufactured by Republic Tobacco Co.: OCB Organic Hemp King Size Slim, OCB Organic Hemp 1 ¼ Size and OCB Organic Hemp Single Wide.

What is the best rolling paper for beginners? ›

A king-size flax paper is a good rolling paper for beginners. A high quality flax paper will have a slow burn rate that will keep your joint burning slowly and evenly.

Are raw black papers good? ›

RAW Black King Size Slim rolling papers are the highest quality smoking papers for connoisseurs who appreciate a longer and smoother smoke. These RAW papers are so thin and light that they allow you to taste all the terpenes of your favorite blends.

Does paper absorb smoke smell? ›

As an additional measure you may fill the rest of the container with crumpled newspapers or some other porous paper that would help to absorb the smell faster. Leave the objects for several days in that closed container.

How do you grind a bud? ›

Ripping it apart with your hands is the simplest way, but you can also use a coffee grinder, a cheese grater, or an empty pill bottle with a coin inside. A mortar and pestle may also work if your flower is on the dry side.

Why hemp is not popular? ›

Hemp still faces a negative notion because of its relationship with psychoactive cannabis and the war on drugs. While the new act of legalizing industrial hemp in India has helped, the plant still stays more limited than other crops.

Why don't we use hemp instead of cotton? ›

Cotton fabric is softer and more comfortable against the skin than hemp fabric. Hemp fiber has a rough feel to it in its natural spun state and is susceptible to fraying. Hemp also has a pronounced, naturally-occurring odor that some people don't care for.

Is hemp better than plastic? ›

Hemp plastic is infinitely more eco-friendly than plastic.

And hemp plastic isn't toxic. And hemp doesn't produce carbon dioxide while it's decomposing so that it won't contribute to global warming.

Do hemp wraps get u higher? ›

Hemp wrap is made from the stock and parts of the hemp plants that produce fiber, while most of the cannabinoids are concentrated in the flower. Therefore, hemp wraps contain no cannabinoids at all: meaning 0% THC, 0% Delta 8 THC, 0% CBD, 0% HHC etc. In conclusion, hemp wraps do not get you high.

Are hemp wraps healthier than backwoods? ›

If you're looking to skip the tobacco and nicotine elements associated with traditional blunt wrap brands such as Backwoods, then hemp wraps are a better option. Hemp wraps are healthier than tobacco wraps to a certain extent. The use of organic hemp negates the need for growth stimulants during production.

Are RAW rolling papers made of hemp? ›

RAW Organic is made from organically grown* chlorine free pure hemp and is processed in an eco-friendly manner. The result is a very thin light tan paper that burns extra slow and extra clean. The taste of RAW Organic is unlike anything you have experienced.

Are hemp papers better than rice? ›

Hemp papers are thicker and rougher than rice ones, providing a good grip when rolling. However, they have a similar tendency to absorb (and eventually release) humidity. They have a medium burn rate and go out less often than rice papers.

Are hemp pre rolls safe? ›

Like other CBD products, CBD pre-rolls do not contain enough THC to do so. Industrial hemp products must contain less than 0.3% THC, and at these low concentrations, there's no chance of intoxication occurring.

What is the healthiest blunt? ›

Some of the most popular options include rice paper and Hemp Blunt Wrap. Hemp Blunt Wrap is made from 100% natural hemp and is one of the thinnest papers on the market. It burns slowly and doesn't produce as much smoke, making it a healthier option. Rice paper is also a popular option for rolling blunts.

What is a healthy alternative to rolling papers? ›

Corn husks

Using a corn husk as a rolling paper is not only a natural, tobacco-free alternative. It also makes for a pretty pleasurable smoking experience. Corn husks burn slowly and have a reputation for producing smooth hits. For optimum rolling potential, dampen your corn husk and let it sit for a few minutes.

Do hemp rolls have tobacco? ›

Most hemp cigarettes are free of tobacco and addictive substances like nicotine.

Do hemp cigarettes help with anxiety? ›

CBD cigarettes are made with hemp flowers high in CBD and low in THC. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the hemp plant that has been shown to have potential health benefits such as reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and decreasing inflammation.

What is the best pre roll for anxiety? ›

Indica Pre-Rolls

This type of cannabis pre-roll is perfect for those seeking calming effects. It is characterized by a sedative quality that can make you feel sleepy once you smoke the substance. Pre-rolls made with Indica cannabis are undeniably the best choice for a mellow experience or help with stress or insomnia.


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