Money Heist: 6 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (& 4 Who Deserved More) (2023)

After becoming an international phenomenon,Money Heistcame to an end after its fifth season. The show's memorable and captivating characters were one of the main reasons why the series resonated so strongly with many different audiences.


Some characters got the happy and triumphant endings they deserved while others got fittingconclusions through the lasting sacrifices they made and the consequences they faced. Not every character got a deserving resolution, though, with some deserving more autonomy, development, or consequences in terms of how their stories ended.

Characters Who Got Fitting Endings

The Professor

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In a development reminiscent ofBreaking Bad's Walter Whiteadmitting in the series finale that everything he did was primarily for himself and not his family, the Professor admitted in the final episodes that he largely did these heists for his own purposes. The heists were also about honoring his father and his brother and making political statements. But the Professor was finally honest with himself and with Lisbon.

He is a thief by nature, comes from a family of thieves, and loves the thrill of planning and executing a successful heist. This honesty was the most satisfying part of the Professor's ending, but it was also fitting to see him fulfilling the Bank of Spain heist originally envisioned by Berlin, and to once more outsmart the authorities and walk away wealthy and content.


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Tokyo was brave, hotheaded, bold, and loved others deeply. All of these aspects of her character culminated in her heartbreaking sacrifice as she blew herself up and simultaneously took down Gandía and most of the special forces sent into the Bank of Spain.

Tokyo dieddoing something bold to protect the ones she loved. She went out in an explosive fashion on her own terms. The show made her end even more heartbreaking by giving her some last-minute flashbacks that made her more empathetic and likable than she'd even been before. Tokyo showed after the Royal Mint of Spain heist that she'd never be happy riding off into the sunset. While tragic, this was the best possible end for her character.


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The gang reunited and the Bank of Spain heist only became a realitybecause of Rio. While many other things happened along the way and there were other character motivations in play, it all came back to saving Rio from captivity and torture. If Rio hadn't been saved and survived, Tokyo's ultimate sacrifice and other characters' sacrifices and suffering would've ultimately felt in vain.

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Rio ending the heist alive and as a free man meant that regardless of anything else, the heist was a success and those sacrifices were notpointless. Rio remaining optimistic even when things started to look particularly dire toward the end of the heist also showed that he hadn't lost hope and that despite everything he lost and all his suffering, he still had a bright future ahead of him.

Alice Sierra

Money Heist: 6 Characters Who Got Fitting Endings (& 4 Who Deserved More) (4)

Alicia Sierra was a brilliant and formidable individual, and one ofMoney Heist's best law enforcement officers. Yet, Colonel Tamayo and the other authorities had no issue throwing her under the bus to take the fall for their many mistakes and crimes. Sierra eventually joined the Professor and became a crucial member of his group, as she was the one who figured out where Rafael and Tatiana hid the gold that they stole.

After being betrayed, scapegoated, and forsaken by Tamayo and her other colleagues, Sierra chose to side with the people who actually cared about her and valued her skills. She admitted to lacking emotion when doing horrible things and when horrible things happened to her. Thanks to the Professor's compassion and belief in her, Sierra began to feel again. She chose the right side, made an invaluable contribution to the heist's success, and got a fresh start for herself and her newborn baby in the end.

Cesar Gandia

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Tokyo killing Gandía was a perfect ending for his deplorable character. He killed Nairobi in cold blood and Tokyo vowed that she would get revenge. Gandía had also previously taken Tokyo hostage and on numerous occasions made disgusting comments about how he wanted to sleep with her.

All of this made it satisfying that Tokyo was the one to kill him, especially at a moment when the arrogant Gandía thought he had the upper hand. Tokyo got revenge for Nairobi and for herself while ensuring that no one else in the gang would ever suffer at the hands of Gandía again.


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Some members of the second heist didn't fully trust or believe in Lisbon. While she ultimately helped them during the Royal Mint of Spain heist, she had been their adversary for the majority of it and had no experience executing a heist herself.In one of his morehated moments, even the Professor initially had issuesworking with and fully trusting the woman he loved during thesecond heist.

During the final season, Lisbon proved to be one of the most levelheaded, calculated, and effective leaders during the heist. She more than proved herself and earned the unconditional love and respect of the whole gang. Without her invaluable leadership, the heist would not have been pulled off in the end. She and the Professor also worked through some of the issues they were having andensured their relationshipwas in a good place.

Characters Who Deserved More


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While characters like Tokyo and Berlin got to go out in a blaze of glory, it was frustrating to see Nairobi unable to go out on her own terms. She was just as fierce and bold as Tokyo and Berlin, but she died as Gandía's hostage and didn't own her death like they did.

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Nairobi was arguably the soul of the gang. She deserved to go in a way that gave her more agency. Nairobi's devastating end had the intended emotional impact on the audience and the characters, but while it might have been necessary for the story, her individual character deserved better.

Luis Tamayo

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In his desperate efforts to stop the Bank of Spain heist, Colonel Tamayo committed many corrupt and reprehensible actions. However, Tamayo didn't face any real consequences in the end and was even believed to be a hero. The public was left to believe that Tamayo took down all of the heist members and got all the gold back, thus saving Spain from economic disaster.

While this was all part of the Professor's plan and necessary for the gang to leave the Bank of Spain alive and free, it was disappointing that Tamayo didn't have to pay for his actions and will be remembered in a positive light by much of the world.


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Even though he was in the showfor 3 seasons, Bogotá still felt incredibly underdeveloped by the end of the series finale. Watching the Professor, Stockholm, Palermo, andotherbraveMoney Heist charactersriding off into the sunset felt earned. These characters were well-developed; fans were invested in them and relieved to see them get their happy endings.

Seeing Bogotá with this triumphant group didn't have the same impact andalmost felt out of place because of howbare-bones his character was.He was falling in love with Nairobiand washeartbroken after her death, he had 7 kids with 7 different women, and had some history with Berlin, but otherwise, there wasn't much fans knew about him, and he never received the character development he needed for fansto be invested in him and his ending.

blond angel

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Despite his connections to Lisbon and the previous heist, Ángel mostly ended up feelinglike he could've been interchangeable with any other police officer working with the authorities. There was the occasional line referencing his past work and he'd occasionally reprimand Tamayo for going too far, but he spent most of this heist running around and being outsmarted by the Professor like anyone else.

The series finale didn't take any time to address how he felt about being beaten by his old partner Lisbon and the rest of the gang, especially considering how he ended up letting them escape during the previous heist.

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Did people like the Money Heist ending? ›

Money Heist 5 Part 2 brought curtains down on the Netflix show with an ending that left fans emotional, yet satisfied. Many were glad that the writers managed to connect all loose ends, giving a closure to its characters.

What is the famous line of Professor Money Heist? ›

I Hope Someday To Be The Father Of A Thief.” Easily one of the best quotes from Netflix's Money Heist, The Professor perfectly encapsulates the very root of the heists.

Who is the most lovable character in Money Heist? ›

Money Heist: 7 Lovable Characters (And 3 Who Are Not)
  • Love: Monica Gaztambide aka Stockholm. ...
  • Love: Tokyo. ...
  • Hate: Palermo. ...
  • Love: Denver. ...
  • Love: Nairobi. ...
  • Hate: Arturo Roman. ...
  • Love: Helsinki. ...
  • Love: Raquel Murillo aka Lisbon.
Apr 22, 2020

What message did Professor gave to Rafael? ›

Explaining how he witnessed his father being gunned down outside a bank following a botched robbery, The Professor tells Rafael: "When you ask me why I choose to plan the heists, the answer is simple. To talk to him."

Who all are alive at the end of Money Heist? ›

In the end, the surviving characters in Money Heist are: The Professor, Lisbon, Rio, Denver, Stockholm, Manila, Helsinki, Palermo, and Bogotá.

Who is smartest girl in Money Heist? ›

One of the best Money Heist team members is Nairobi, whose intelligence is on display often. Her troubled background thrust her into a life of crime, making her incredibly smart in terms of deception. She is able to take charge when necessary, like when she temporarily takes over for Berlin during the first heist.

Who is smarter in Money Heist? ›

The Professor is inarguably the smartest character on the show. Not only does he have a contingency for everything that goes wrong, having backup plans for the backup plans, but he also correctly predicts the behavior of the police.

Who is the real protagonist in Money Heist? ›

Sergio Marquina, better known as The Professor, is the main protagonist, as well as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Berlin) of the Netflix series Money Heist.

Is The Professor the smartest in Money Heist? ›

The Professor in 'Money Heist'

Some may argue that The Professor's intelligence isn't realistic, but in the context of the series, he is undoubtedly a genius. He is solely responsible for devising the heist strategy, thinking ahead of time about what to do with hostages, managing his crew, and outwitting the police.

Who gave Professor the idea for the heist? ›

It was originally devised by his father, Jesús Marquina, who died before he could see his plan come to fruition. As a child the Professor was very sick and confined to a hospital bed, and his father wanted to pay for him to be treated in America.

Who is The Professor hero in Money Heist? ›

Álvaro Antonio García Pérez (born 23 February 1975), known professionally as Álvaro Morte, is a Spanish actor. He gained worldwide recognition for playing the role of 'The Professor' in the television series Money Heist.

Who was Nairobi in love with? ›

Throughout the series Nairobi is shown to be in love with her partner Helsinki, however, both never get to anything in particular because he is gay, although they end up being very good friends.

Does Money Heist have LGBT characters? ›

Who are the LGBTQ characters in La Casa de Papel? Notably, Julia is also Money Heist's first transgender character. While La Casa de Papel has featured other queer characters, like Helsinki (Yashin Dasayev) and Palermo (Rodrigo de la Serna), this is a step forward in terms of representation—but there's a big catch.

Why did they end Money Heist? ›

During a recent set visit by Indian Express, Pina explained the reasoning behind this further, saying: "We've made over 2,000 minutes of fiction with two heists. I think we've exhausted some of the characters' emotional arcs and their arcs of transformation. We've told a lot and I think it's a good time to stop.

Will there be a season 6 of Money Heist? ›

The first and second seasons of the Money Heist series were originally released on a Spanish TV Channel, Antena 3. Later, the rest of its parts were released on Netflix. Based on the information, Money Heist Season 6 will not be released. However, a spin off series, Berlin, will premier in December 2023.

Did Tatiana steal the gold? ›

During the Bank of Spain Heist, Tatiana and Rafael worked together to steal the gold from the robbers, but was later tracked down by Alicia.

Does The Professor turn himself in? ›

Although Alicia added she was not fully on his side, she still helps him to find the stolen gold from Rafael and Titania. Finding out the entire gang had been ambushed and handcuffed by the police, The Professor abruptly decides to turn himself in.


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