Money Heist: The Phenomenon (2020) Movie Script (2023)

A documentary on why and how "Money Heist" sparked a wave of enthusiasm around the world for a lovable group of thieves and their professor.



This series was unexpected
from the start.

Money Heist is
a story of failure.

Because the series flopped.

"Okay, well, I'll see you around
in other projects." And suddenly...

"Awesome, Netflix has bought it."

Suddenly, it was being watched abroad,
even more so than in Spain.

That's when it suddenly started
to really take off.

And you realize
that a tsunami is about to hit.

The team, we couldn't believe it.

We realizedthat people hada bond
with the series

that went beyond just entertainment.

The impact that it has had
on people around the world

and their expectations of the series
right now puts you to the test.

None of us realized
until we had the chance to get out there.

Your life changes completely.
Your reality changes.

Yes, there are changes.

"We have to come back with a bang."

Let them see what we can do, right?
So we brought out the big guns.

And we did.

Our story begins in 2017,

on a free Spanish TV channel: Antena 3.

You're on TV.

We started off well
with 4.5 million viewers.



The first season
did very well, especially at the start,

but viewership gradually declined
in the second season.

It started to wane.

It dropped by half.

The audience kept getting smaller.

- Itwas plummeting.
- Falling...

And suddenly...

- It dies.
-'s over.

It ends... and it's over.

And we put the series
in the back of our minds.

I cried a lot on the last day.

I feel as though I've killed her.

- It was hard.
- I went through a real grieving process.

I cried over my character.
It was hard to say goodbye.

"It's the end of the road."

Yeah, it was pretty crazy.

And it was tough.

And then Netflix comes along

and buys the Spanish series
so the rest of the world can watch.

Netflix includes it
in its international catalog.


It goes to Netflix.
But it's like no big deal.

I don't think we,
Netflix or anyone expected anything.

In fact, it was launched
without advertising.

It simply appears in the catalog.

It was part of Netflix's
basic catalog, and then...

Suddenly, something starts to happen.

I hardly had any followers
and then suddenly, I had 15,000.

Then 30,000, 50,000, 60,000.

I suddenly had half a million followers,
600,000, 700,000.

From many countries.

I'd look and then two hours later,
another 2,000.

We all started getting more followers.

That's what tipped us off,
"Wow, something's happening here."

A boom, to be precise.

Enormous banners in Saudi Arabia.
I couldn't believe it.

In Brazil, in Mexico, in Colombia.

On the other side of the world.

We started to get photographs
from the carnival in Rio.

All in Money Heist costumes.

Some crazy guy has a tattoo of Úrsula.

- Where?
- A full-leg tattoo, in color, this big.

"You what? What are you going on about?
I mean, what is this?"

And it gets better.

We earned a worldwide rank of two,

competing against every series ever made.

My goodness!
Not even the Americans would do this.

Netflix's head honchos
start talking about us in their meetings.

Casa de papel

or Money Heist as it was
released in the US,

so successful for us
all around the world.

Stephen King,
Benzema and Mbappé put the mask on.

Neymar too. He liked it so much
that he ended up being a monk.

Oh, heavenly, Mr. Andrés.

I'm a fan.

- After that...
- A bit of suspense.

...can anything else happen?

Yes, we win an Emmy.

"Money Heist."

And a strange honor:
we start to inspire robberies.

With red overalls,
the famous Dalí mask and armed.

Several of them.

A million-dollar gold heist.

...the characters
from the series Money Heist.

It's been imitated, copied,
using similar masks.

But the most exciting thing
occurs in the streets.

The red jumpsuits and the mask are paraded
around America, Europe and Asia.

They're used in political protest marches

in Lebanon, Iraq, France and Chile.

And along with the revived "Bella Ciao,"

it travels the world
for causes such as democracy,

- feminism or the environment.
- Now!


But when an NGO rescues
a boat full of immigrants

and as soon as they are brought to safety,
they start to sing "Bella Ciao"...

That's much more important
than any of the rest.

Then Netflix asks us,
"Guys, can you carry out another robbery?"


Wow, wait a second.

I think we took two months to reply

because we wanted something...

with the maximum guarantee
of not letting viewers down,

something that wouldn't disappoint
all those people.

We have to get the gang together.

"I can't believe it, how cool!"

We're the Resistance, right?

When we started filming again,
we realized for the first time

how much our lives had changed.

This was fame.

When we got to Duomo Square,
which was our first location,

it was already full of people.

We can see all of that.

"What's going on? We have to film here?"

They surrounded us
as if it were a soccer stadium.

They stayed deathly silent,
which was wonderful.

I said to myself, "Okay, concentrate.

No eye contact until you finish."

When we were coming to the end
of the sequence,

I said to Álvaro, "Hey, Álvaro,
let's go say hi to everyone."

Shall we quickly say hi to everyone?

And we took three or four steps,

and as we approached them, suddenly,
they were coming from all sides...

Grazie mille. We must get back.

We weren't able to finish filming.

We had to stop filming. A catastrophe.

We ended up hiding out in a building.

There was no way we could continue.

Not from any angle,
the reflection in the window...

It's packed. There are 4,000 people
in the square right now.

- Seriously, we're laughing, but...
- Jesús!

But it's a nightmare.

We can't film.

But we still find it funny.

This is going to turn tragic.

And it did.
It was difficult getting to the car.

People started running after us.

If I get out, there will be a scene.
Watch out!

We were like The Beatles.

And at the next location,
which should have been peaceful...

I don't like to have to tell you this.

...the biggest thing was waiting.


I think there was a point
when we'd gone in there,

we saved it,
we made the sequence work.

And Álvaro said...

"Pedro, maybe it'd be cool
to say thanks to these people."

I said, "Álvaro, no.

Look what happened at the Duomo,
we could die."

I'm fucking with you.

And we had the idea
of standing on a bench.

And someone jumped over the barrier.

Thank you so much for your support.

Wow! Oh, no!

We started to see people running

like there was no tomorrow.

We just want
to thank you,all of you, for being here.

Thank you so much.

All of a sudden,
my face is all over the world.

This is insane.

It's very worrying
because you stop being anonymous.

It's extraordinary.

It would take its toll on all of us.

Cars with tinted windows,
escorted by bodyguards when abroad.

It has suddenly taken on
a much, much wider dimension.

Everyone who sees you on the street says,
"You're awesome."

Then you get home and some people say,
"I am awesome."

I went from being totally anonymous

to suddenly having to ask
to be allowed in the VIP lounge

because people wouldn't stopasking
for photos with me. No.

Unless you really keep yourself in check,
you become an asshole.

A real asshole.

This much popularity translates
into data.

Today, Money Heist is one
of Netflix's most-watched productions,

including films,
and has many fans in America...

...across the world with a small baby... well as in France...


Argentina, Chile...

Brazil and Portugal.

It's also a huge success in
North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey.

And overall,

it's one of the most-watched shows
around the world.

This is a worldwide phenomenon.

The nicest thing about it is that it came
from the viewers.

This was on another level.

It came about spontaneously.

I think there's a kind of "love attack."

We realized that people hada connection
with the series

that went beyond pure entertainment.

It was almost a philosophical connection.

It's a bit overwhelming.

It's hard to believe,
but that's how it is.

It was reaffirming for us, like,

"We weren't crazy,
we were doing something cool."

The craziness begins
in the very first episode

of the first season.

It was a national series,

but we had our sights set on the world.

I remember there was less money before,

but there was the same energy.

From the very start,

our idea was to make
an international series.

We went all out.
Everyone was crazy about it.

We've done it!

So, for some time, my intention had been,
"This is the time to do it.

(Video) MONEY HEIST THE PHENOMENON (2020) | Official Trailer

Let's do something..."

It was very ambitious.

Although of course,
in some respects,

Netflix's arrival has changed our lives.

Before when we had to go
to the Philippines, we went,

but through a computer.

That sea didn't exist.

In fact, we hadn't even left Madrid.

Now, if we want a private island,
it's ours.

We'll do a global show.

If we want
a Thai Buddhist temple, it's ours.

Elephant included.

We'll do a super series.

We want a military helicopter?

Get that fucking helicopter down now!

- It's ours!
- All out.

And if we want a money shower
to bring downtown Madrid to a standstill,

we'll do that, too.

All this seems pretty good, right?
Well, it isn't.

The day we closed off downtown Madrid,

we discovered
that big film sets can become...

More bills!

...absolute hell.

More bills!


The machine isn't working.
What the hell's going on?

The damn fan is jammed, man.

The bills only fall on one side.

It's the wind. We can't control it.

The fan isn't spinning.

It was sheer despair. Just imagine Jesús,

the director, who was going crazy.

It's not working. It doesn't look real.

When we cut,
the bills got stuck underneath.

You know this won't end well, don't you?

For each unsuccessful take,
they have to pick them up...

and do it again.

Pick them up... and do it again.

And then, somebody has a great idea.

Vacuum up the bills.

But hang on a minute.

Is that as clever as it seems?

You're tearing up the bills.
This has a turbine that shreds them.

I told you to blow them into piles,
not to vacuum them up.

My God.

Three million euros shredded
into confetti.

Good thing they were fake.

We finally get the hang of the fan.

The bills fly.

Not even God could stop us.

Well, He could.

We didn't know what to do.

We had goodness knows
how many hundreds of extras there.

This is special extras, you know?

The desperation
starts to get complicated.

It has started to rain
and our money has become soggy paper.

No one can get it to fly now.

And there's another problem.

We have to dry the floor.

Get to work.

So, we set up some gazebos
to act as umbrellas.

What we were using to collect up the bills

is now a dryer.

What made them fly...

a dehumidifier.

And cinematographers
and art directors

became pavement dryers.

Well, it's an effective method.

A bit rough, but it's effective.

Great dedication
that wasn't very effective.

In the end, the floor was filmed wet.

- I see blue sky.
- It's blue, but...

And suddenly...

the sun comes out. No, that's not good.

Everything is wrong.

Cut! Cut!

When you've filmed it all
while overcast,

then it suddenly looks like summer...

We're struggling with the sky.
It's a sunny day in March.'s a problem.

So that at least the sun won't be in shot.

In the end, tensions rise.

I'm finding solutions for you.
You should come up with some, too.

Other than not filming,
canceling the shoot and going home.

Some kind of solution.

This has been building up.

I set the camera height. They change it.

And with the pressure...

Am I director of photography? all comes out.

What am I director of photography for?

And sometimes it's just...

- José. My walkie-talkie isn't working.
- of those days.

Here we go again.
Fucking up this shot and that one.

There's a guy with a yellow sleeve.
Yellow isn't allowed, man.

The batteries.

This doesn't happen in Narcos,
13 Reasons Why or Stranger Things.

You'll take the rap anyway.

Come on, take it easy.
Things can't get any worse.

Or maybe they can.

They haven't put up the green screen.


The giant screens should be green,

so we can add the image of the Professor.

They haven't requested extradition.

It should be completely green.

If it's not all green, it has to be black.

But with so many interruptions,
the deadline passed,

and they're playing advertisements.

Obviously, it was total desperation then.

They can't do a green screen
for some reason.

Me too, man. I don't know
if you want to wait five minutes.

They're going to give us more time.

They're giving us
at least 40 minutes more

- of green screen.
- Good.

Hooray, we did it.

The hard way, suffering.

Thank you very much to all of you.

But in the end, millions
of eurosrained down on Madrid that day.

Yes, this is a series with lots of money.

Nine hundred
and eighty-four million euros.


Great songs.

♪ Tiamo... ♪

And tons of gold.

But no, that's not why you love us.

The big question is:
why do you love us then?

Why has Money Heist been such a success?

People have fallen in love
with the characters.

You haven't fallen in love,
have you?

I'll get to know them.

The kindness and wickedness
in each of them.

- What is their past?
- The stupidity of another.

- Why are they here?
- When they make mistakes.


That's what makes the viewer feel things.

Any viewer could think, "I'm like Denver."

"I could be the Professor."

You're going into the lion's den?

Each one has their own qualities
and you can empathize with them.

You don't connect
with a spectacular robbery,

nor with the Professor's intelligence,
even if you admire it,

you connect
with the fact that he's scared.

Even if all this works out, I...

I'm going to be screwed.

When you get hooked on
or addicted to a series,

you get addicted to the characters.

After a marathon session,
you think, "I know these people.

They're in my living room with me."

So, if the characters are
emotionally more powerful and richer,

the viewer definitely becomes
more addicted.

And how do you achieve that?
The first key:

What we are, Latinos or Germans?

We're Latinos.

There's passion here.


The thing that sets the series apart
is that it has heart.

For a long time,
there was a unwritten rule

that action films were inane
and superficial

and very dramatic or emotional films
were boring.

So what we did was mix those two concepts.

- I love you!
- Me too!

That's why our heist story
is very romantic.

This is a love story.
One of those beautiful love stories.

And we obsess about that.

No matter what it takes,
we want unbridled passion.

Like with this kiss. Candid, right?

Well, it took some time to get it right.

Maybe the director looking on,
just inches from their lips, didn't help.

You want us to make out.

- A little bit.
- Yeah.

They try again.

But it still isn't working.

That kiss was kind of...

It matched the scene, kind of maternal.

But it has to be passionate.

- The last kiss you ever share.
- Okay.

- Understand?
- Yes.

And they try.

But it's no use.

It's really hard because,
on the one hand, I'm trying to...

be like...

- the mother.
- Sure.

- You have to keep acting like heroes.
- Okay.

But it's the goodbye kiss.

But when it comes to passion,
if you put affection and effort into it...

- Stop filming.
- happens.

♪ I love you ♪

♪ You love me... ♪


There's another important
factor in this series:

keeping the viewer on edge.

The fun is in here, for fuck's sake.

Anything can happen here.

We try to be unpredictable.


We try to do the unexpected,

and it's been that way
since we came up with these guys:

the characters.

We wanted profiles
that haven't been seen before.

For example: our leader.

Oh, the Professor!

- Very clever, yes.
- What an amazing man.

Leader of
a criminal gang, yes.

But deep down, he's a loser.

It's that personality that makes him
talk differently to other robbers we know.

It surprises us.

What are you wearing?

Our professor, the gang leader,

was shaped to be almost like a nerd.

He wants to be distanced from society.

He's a sociopath in many ways,

a shy man with problems interacting
with some women.

(Video) Money Heist: The Phenomenon FULLMovie"Free (2020)

I've had relationships.


Turning those characters around

is stimulating for the viewers,

because it's so surprising.

That such an ordinary person...

let's see if I'm of some use at least.

...could create something so big.

We must be able to stay in control.

The more difficult it is to shape
the character to do that,

the more stimulating it is.

There is one character

who encapsulates
all our ability to be unexpected.

I really feel like telling you everything.

Tokyo is able
to blow up any kind of situation.

She's our Sputnik,fuel for any script.

I can be a good girl for a long time,

but little by little,
my naughty side starts to come out.

Combining regular places
with unexpected twists,

is a formula that, nowadays,

works really well.

Tokyo, Tokyo.

So mature for some things,
yet so childish for others.

She's a very impulsive person.

Didn't you say "no matter what"?

She tries to control herself,
but it's beyond her nature.

I'm not surprised he dumped me.

Here's a fact you don't know about Tokyo.

- I'm Tokyo.
- She was the first city.

That wasn't my name at the start.

Why is Tokyo called Tokyo?
I was going to tell her.

She doesn't know.

I was really surprised...

when I saw
that my character's name was Tokyo.

I rememberÁlex Pina was wearing a T-shirt

that said "Tokyo" on it.

I loved it.

"It's a great name. The main character
has to be called Tokyo."

That's how I ended up
being called Tokyo.

Within 15 minutes, I said,
"Berlin, Moscow, Denver."

- Denver?
- It was really quick.

Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow.

Denver, Moscow. What's this?
Why are we called that?

I think my friends
with cities for names kick ass.

We are emotional.

Which brings us to the nextkey:

this series is full of empathy.


So much so
that we have grown to love the bad guy.

Why did he put you in charge?

Because of my people skills.

Berlin was the most hostile character.

But he was also mysterious at the start,
"Who is this man?"

A special man.

If I have a coffee right now,
I'll go crazy.

Despicable most of the time...


...but admirable sometimes.

I've spent my life being a bit
of an asshole,

but today I feel like dying with dignity.

It's incredible how a character
with such pejorative traits is loved.

He's always in the top three in the polls.

People need to get their heads checked.


I'm sure he's not the character
you'd want your daughter to marry.

You bastard! You son of a bitch.

It's like holding a mirror up to society.
You know, seriously,

"Your favorite character in Money Heist
is this guy."

Let's see if you have any balls.

That dominant side to him,

his leadership,

repulses us,

but it gives us a certain sense of safety.

You and I are the Resistance.

If television is inoffensive
and not dark,it's boring

because less things happen, basically.

The audience wants things to happen

and there's nothing better than a villain
who also provokes feelings of empathy.

For a moment, I thought
it would be really good to feel...

how my friend is feeling.

But these characters are risky,

and in Berlin's case,

that caused problems
even before the series was released.


Someone said to me,

"This character doesn't belong
in our time,

you should take him out of the series."

He's contemptible.

I said I had no intention
of taking him out of the series.

What kind of shit is in your head?

He's a misogynist, a narcissist
and a psychopath in many ways,

but we could have
a character like that in the series

and the audience could freely decide
whose side they're on, right?

The next characteristic of this series:

nothing and no one is sacred.

Everyone walks on thin ice.


Ticky boom. Ticky boom.
Ticky boom.Ticky boom.

you have to live to the very end.

What kind of a kiss was that?

Nairobi, how we loved Nairobi.

Thank you. Thank you.

I've never had a boss like you,
Miss Nairobi.

Today is my last day.

It's tough.

It's the end of an era for me.


They say when you die,
your whole life flashes before you,

and this is a bit like that,
but with the character.

I like to think that Nairobi wishes
her son a life with more opportunities

than the one she could have given him

and a more peaceful one.

Let's say goodbye
to our colleague Alba Flores.

I've been working with some
of the teamfor many years now.


I want to thank you all
for everything you've taught me.

I've grown here as an actress,

more than I ever imagined I would

and as a person too.And...

And you're a fucking great team.

Fucking great.

I hope I get to film
16,000 times more with you.


I'm going to miss you all.

It's over,
and I have nothing on the horizon.

It's a really liberating feeling.

Because... well, I need a rest.

That brings us
to another essential characteristic:

black humor.



One, two, three, four.

Yes, you can laugh at a hostage
who's being held at gunpoint.

- Your name.
- Arturo.

- Arturo what?
- Arturo Román.

Arturo Román. All right.Arturito.

He represents the meanness
within all of us.

I'll kill you, bastard.

He's just so deplorable,
you feel like adopting him.

You couldn't be more pitiful.

You recognize certain base passions
of the viewers themselvesin Arturo.

And that's why you can't stand him.
But in reality...

He's the most human.

And it makes us really mad
when our shame is pointed out to us.

Speaking of shame,

Arturo has had quite a few
embarrassing moments.

He's walking along with Helsinki...

through the vaults,
and they hear a woman moaning.

Is that your lady?

He says, "No, it's not my lady."

Mónica isn't the loud type.
It must be one of your colleagues.

Then he goes in, and it is her.

Don't stop!

Fuck! What the hell are you doing here?

Everything he does is really crazy,
risky and surprising,

that makes it funny.

I'm the... punching bag.

If someone who is morally wretched
is also socially awkward,

you warm to them.

He's abominable,
but you love to hate him.

You know, men take care of men.

Now that we're
on intimate terms,

we're going to tell you a secret.

Right, listen up, everyone.

We're obsessed...

with veracity.


- Now!
- For that reason,

we would face many of the same problems
that our robbers face

if we robbedthe Bank of Spain.

The vault.

Starting with the real gold vault.

Just like in the series,
it floods if there's a robbery.

There's a lot of information
that states that there is a system...

Forty-five kilometers
of reinforced pipes underground.

...that involves channeling two streams

that would flood the vault
should anyone decide to rob the bank.

It's a great work of engineering.
It's a marvel.

So, to get the gold out...

But we won't open that door.

...we had to invent something...


...that would work in real life.

An interconnecting antechamber.

That's why we called in
a naval engineer to help us design it.

He gave us a lesson, and we videoed it.

Better than taking notes.

Something like this.

Get them to bring dinner in, please.

But once the ingots are out...

Sweet gold!

...we have to melt them.

We could do that because in the foundry...

I'll show you the beauty we've set up.

...there are real furnaces.

They are identical to this one,
but a bit more glamorous.

That's cinema for you.

This is the Christian Lay jewelry workshop
in Jerez de los Caballeros

in Extremadura, Spain.

This informative videocreated
by the series' documentation service

instructed cast and crew on how
to melt down gold the traditional way.

"Can I record it?" And he said,
"Yes, no problem at all."

To make a homemade version
of this machinery, what would I need?

They explained the whole process.

Add the solid material,
take out the liquid and pour it out.

Mind you, we didn't use real gold.

We used brass, which is a bit cheaper.

So beautiful!

That's when we started
asking them strange questions.

If you were robbing the Bank of Spain

and you had to turn the gold into nuggets,
how would you do it?

Bearing in mind the equipment must fit
into a military truck.

He starts pouring, he addspressurized

(Video) Money Heist: The Phenomenon FULLMovie"Free (2020)

And then...

He says, "That's how you'd do it."

We do it all with bubbles.

He takes it out,
and we drained the water off,

and there were brass nuggets.


Like gold nuggets.

Like grains of rice.

I filmed it
and sent it to the script team.

"We've got it,
we know how we can do it now."

This is the good stuff, Governor.

During filming, we had
professionals doing the melting down,

just in case.

- Manuel Manceras, Sr.
- I'm Manuel Manceras, Jr.

And here they are as extras,

learning to be robbers.

We wouldn't mind really,
with things as they are,

but not for the moment.

How does it look, Doctor?

Here's another obsession with realism.

In this sequence,
Arturo gets a genuine stitch.

They shoot Arturito in the series.

So a surgeon comes in.


A surgeon came
so that an actor wouldn't have to do it.

Now, you stitch him up.

- Who, me?
- He gave him a real stitch.

Shh! Shh! Easy now, easy.

We were all...

I'm going to be sick.

...laughing our asses off,
we couldn't believe it.

And obviously,
when he wiped off the makeup,

"What's this?" He'd given him a stitch.

Son of a bitch.

But we still haven't mentioned

one of the most important ingredients
of this success:

our symbols.


Money Heist has an anthem,
a shield and a color.

The color red isassociated
with agitation,

with passion.

It puts you on alert

when combined with the idea
of 100 people locked up in one place.

Like a pressure cooker.

And for that pressure cooker to work,

we need two teams to work together:

photography and art.

The artwork in this series is spectacular.

Because it was made with care.

We want everything
to be very dark, with tertiary colors,

so that the characters' skin

and the jumpsuit, our color,
our symbol, will stand out.

We go with red.

And in the end,
that gives you an iconography of your own.

That is Money Heist's great value.

And that iconographyis linked
to an anthem.

You know howour anthem goes, right?

We know that as soon as we go...

♪ Bella ciao, bella ciao ♪

Everyone's with you, I mean...

♪ Oh, bella ciao, bella ciao
Bella ciao ciao ciao ♪

This song, which was used
as an anthem by Italian anti-fascists

during World War II,

is being heard once again
all over the world 75 years later.

Although we had a hard job finding it.

We were stuck.
We didn't know how to get started.

I did something that I tend to do:
play the "Bella Ciao" song.

Because it motivates me.

As I was listening,
I thought, "This is the song!"

I went and told my colleagues...

"This is the song."

"We have to start this scene
with 'Bella Ciao'."

It was awesome
because the series talked of resistance

and suddenly,
it was the Italian partisan resistance.

It's the first contact
with soil,with freedom...


...with the way out,

and the partisan song will be playing
because we're partisans.

We did it, guys!

It has the feel of an anthem,
an epic feel.

The notes, the tempo, the lyrics.

It has that patriotic,
anthem-like vibe to it.

Then Berlin
and the Professor start singing it.

♪ Oh, bella ciao, bella ciao
Bella ciao ciao... ♪

Then it takes ona new dimension
in the series.

You start to love "Bella Ciao."

I can't remember any other sequence
with such utter silence on set.

It takes on a mythological dimension
when you realize

that it is emotional territory,
sacred territory, for the characters.

It was...

...mystical almost,
the song in that sequence.

All that iconography
has been one of the reasons,

if not the most important one,
behind its international success.

If you do it in normal clothes,
without the masks or "Bella Ciao,"

I'm quite convinced
it wouldn't have the same impact.

What are you dressing up as?

Those three elements have created
a new universe of symbols...

An iconographic image.

...that people are using
as a pop culture symbol.

I think people need symbols.

And it's very easy to recreate and repeat.

And people can adapt it
to their own needs.

People dress up for different reasons
in different places.

But there is always this kind of
underlying fight against the system,

which people love.

What does all this mean? It means...

that it's universal, it's an icon.

Each person can use the red jumpsuit,
the Dalí mask and "Bella Ciao"

for their own fight.

Those people are going to see us
as their damn heroes.

Do you know what else is needed
to make this series?

Making our lives impossible,

Money Heist's actors, directors,

writers, technicians and producers

all live life on the edge.


Starting with the actors.

See that ship?

We've entered international waters.

We told you it was
the North Atlantic, that it was cold.

The gang was escaping, right?

Well, it was a lie.
That ship was torture for the cast.

It's so hot.

We were in Thailand, in the sun
with temperatures above 40ºC,

with really high humidity.

I nearly fainted.

The Professor almost fainted.

I nearly got sunstroke.

Several people fan him
because he mustn't sweat,

or it'll show in the sequence.

Yeah, give him air.

Although by the looks
of his shirt, it's a bit late for that.

It was hot as hell.

So hot.

We all just wanted to die. It was so hot!

The crew were all
in T-shirts and tank tops,

and we all had sweatshirts and coats on.

Jumper, scarf, wool hat.

It was 44ºC,
and the sun was blazing down.

Darko Peric plays the role
of the tough Helsinki.

- But here...
- Cut!

...what with the coat, the sun
and the rocking of the ship...

...he's on the verge of fainting.

Some ended up rehearsing shirtless
and slightlydisgruntled, shall we say.

I said, "Couldn't we have filmed this
in January in Valencia?"

I looked like a crab, man.
Red and sweating,

half dead and with a rapid heartbeat.

That day was really tough.

What about the script?
Does that live on the edge, too?

Yes, it does. While most series this size
are written out fully

and then filmed,

in Money Heist,
we write alongside filming.


And that gets many people wound up.

No one knows how it'll end,
not even the screenwriters.

You don't have a clue what you're doing,
and it's like, "Well..."

We try to keep very close,
with the shortest time possible

because a lot happens
watching the series in post-production.

You don't know
where they're taking the script.

We think that you have to
keep your ear to the ground,

to sense where the train is coming from.

So, the closer the train is,
the more information you have.

- You watch a sequence and say...
- Don't move!

You see something marvelous
and it allows you...

I was terrified. change course,

which you can't do
if everything has already been filmed.

Sometimes it's hard to understand
because we undergo a lot of stress.

I was scaredshitless, thinking,
"What are we doing?"

But it's better for the series.

Well, yes, to be honest.

How do they write so close
to filming?They write on the fly.

Take for example, the pig sequence.

Any volunteers?

I think the sequence falls apart here.
I'd add a bit of comedy.

What if Marseille says...?

Not me. I can't.

What if we make him
an animal rights activist?

People are one thing, animals are another.

I love animals.

And Denver says, "You're a hit man
and an animal rights activist?"

You're a soldier. You kill people.
What's the problem?I don't get it.

"I have principles."

I have my principles.

I'm against animal cruelty.

Can I believe in what I want,
or are you going to tell me?

Can I believe in what I want,
or will you tell me what to believe?

"I've been to war.
Animals are better than people."

"When I was in the war..."

I was in a war...

with a dog at my side.

These people annoyBogotá.

And Bogotábackchats.

- The vegan criminal!
- Yeah.

The animal rights killer.

I won't cut open a pig.

And the actors get the script
at the last minute.

They meet with the director
to rehearse before filming.

Cut the fucking pig open,
you're a hit man.

You're pissing me off.

Open the fucking pig. You're a hit man!

Stay away from me.

And he goes,
and he puts a scalpel right here.

Push me again and I will slit you open.

Push me again and I will slit you open

from top to bottom.

Then on set, movements are included.

Open the fucking pig, you're a hit man!

Stop, he moves backwards,
and you kind of grab him.

- Okay.
- So he doesn't get away, you bring him in.

One more time.

- I won't cut open the pig.
- You're a fucking hit man.

Open the fucking pig, you're fucking nuts.

(Video) Money Heist: The Phenomenon FULLMovie"Free (2020)

Like this? Excuse me.

From top to bottom.

Some sequences are written
so close to filming

that there's no time
to get together to explain the action.

We need to see her struggle because...

But that's what phones are for.

I'm Nairobi, and this is Gandía's hand.

So, it's like this.
He pushes her forward like this...

She bangs into the door,
so he now knows where to aim.

He shoots.

He makes a circle.
It doesn't fall through.

He bangs it through.

Then he pushes Nairobi's head
through that hole.

Then it's: hand, hand.
He ties her up with carabiners and ropes.

And she's tied down.

- Cut.
- Cut.

But if there's a time
when living on the edge is painful...

- Action!
-'s in the moment of truth.

We're ready for filming.

The filming.

We wanted this sequence at sunset,

and we only had one day left in Thailand.

That's a big one, isn't it?

There's never been a bigger one.

We only had one shot,
and we had to get it right.

Silence now, please. Total concentration.

Nothing can go wrong.

- Set...
- And action.

But we got off on the wrong foot.

- Let's start again.
- We've got all of his part, okay?

Come on, we have to be quick.
Twenty minutes of sunlight left.

- Second attempt.
- Action.

But this time, an engine can be heard.


- We have to go again because of the van.
- The bike.

- The sun is setting.
- Come on, concentrate.

The director keeps looking at it,


Okay. And action!

- Cut.
- Got it.

Perfect. Let's go.

But we still have to do
the final tracking shot.

So, we hurry off with all our gear.

There's no margin for error,
the sun has already set.

Come on, let's do it!

- Shh!
- Silence!

It has to be
right first time.

And... action!

And when it's almost dark...

- Cut!
- ...we've got it.

We're fucking back! Fucking back!

All we have to do now
is check the results on the monitor...

Look at this.

...and breathe a sigh of relief.

Always on the edge.

Don't film this, please.

It's always on the edge.
That's when interesting things happen.

It's like shooting a three-pointer,
the buzzer sounds, you shoot...

and it goes in,
the energy rush is awesome.

And I film for those moments really.

Filming on the edge
gets us great results,

when things work out right,
because at times...

- how can I put it?
- Shit.

Now for one of
our most unfortunate days.

Welcome to Pinewood Studios,
in the United Kingdom.

It's amazing, man.

Here, they have the best tank
for underwater filming.

Well, that bathtub is pretty cool.

What could go wrong?

Nothing will go wrong.

- It was absolutely crazy.
- It was crazy.

It was a learning curve...

- All sort of stuff happened.
- ...full of mistakes.

But I had a great time.

Step one: we bring
the entire set from Madrid

and set it up over the water.


Because the best way
to simulate the vault being flooded... to submerge it.

Instead of pumping water into the vault...

Seven thousand five hundred liters
a minute.

...what we did was submerge the entire set
in a swimming pool.

Therefore, the effect,
with a camera tied down on the inside,

was that the water emerged from below

and started to rise.

The next day: catastrophe.

It turns out thatthe ingots
became unglued and began to float.

You learn from these things.

We have to do some screwing
and drilling and that involves all of us.

including the director of photography.

Didn't you want a global show?

We're going to do a global show.

All out. A global show all the way.

Well, here you have it.

He's not too hot on photography,

but he's damn good
at putting in screws and drilling ingots.

But when we'd finished,
we discovered this...

The shelves are rusting.

We're trying out different liquids
to remove the rust.

We're using phosphoric acid,

but when you use phosphoric acid,

white marks start to appear.

So now we're learninghow
to remove the white marks.

I'll dive into the lake,
see if I can get anything done today.

Is it me,
or is there some tension in the air?

You can say that again
because what's coming next is even worse.

The ingots haveshrunk.

We made the ingots from foam
so they'd weigh less,

the weight made them difficult
to get on set.

The pressure of the water...

has done this to our gold ingots.

What happened? Pressure, once again.

They'd never been
two and a half meters underwater.

We wanted to die.
It wasn't gold. They were raisins.

We'd been working on them for months.

These things happen.

Everything that happened
was like one catastrophe after another.

It was probably the most tense moment

with the most pressure
and responsibility involved for all of us

because things weren't working out.

Working underwater was giving us problems.

But despite all this...

Three, two, one.

- ...we filmed.
- Action!

Down below, Alba, Hovik
and Jaime are taking the gold.

From above,
the directors are giving them orders

through an underwater loudspeaker.

Wait for action
before you go, okay? Thank you.


In Spain, they didn't realize,
"Everything's brilliant."

But then you'd say, "Look at that.
Christ, take a look at that."

"Look at that, the ingot is bent."
"Christ, you're right."

Every ingot had
to be digitally touched up in every shot.

One after the other.

We basically painted
almost all the ingots one by one.

We had to fix over one thousand ingots.

It was a crazy amount of shots.

But the end result looks great
and it's worth the trouble.

Well, I think the digital effects
team will remember us

Let's say we lost a lot of sleep
during that process.

It was no mean feat,
but the material is fantastic.

I believe those images
are what make all the difference.

It's a kind of summary
of how we make Money Heist.

It was quite a commitment.
They could have left it out,

avoided it orscripted it differently,
so hats off to them.

Money Heist is not only challenging
for us writers,

but also for the show's directors
who often shoot in extreme conditions.

It always has to be pushed to the brink.


You have to be permanently terrified.


I get up every morning feeling terrified
before filming. Always.

Each shot is everything to us
when we're filming.

So that the viewers enjoy it.

- We've got it!
- We've got it!

We've finished. Zero casualties.

Now you know us a little bit better.

Are you ready, world?

This is who we are.

So that it sweats a bit.

A strange group of robbers...

What is this? the greatest adventure
of their lives

thanks to you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

People stop me in the street.

Fans support this series
and send me so many nice things.

"Tokyo, Money Heist."

Thanking me for how happy they've
been at home watching the series.

It's quite amazing.

We've played to the utmost

and to the extreme with many genres.

I think it shows in the series.

It's thrilling
to see people taking your work

and making it their own.

Really exciting.

It shows that
the amount of stories are infinite

and that people really want to hear them.

It has given me so much.

It has given me
another career, another life.

That's what I'm most grateful for.

It's been a gift.

I swear, it gives me goose bumps.

A gift. Filming with them
is a gift that fills you with life.

It was like a gift.

It's a gift.

I take it like, "Wow!"

A privilege, really.

I'll cherish it forever.

♪ What you looking at... ♪

Let's light one
to see how much heat they can take, okay?

♪ Those shades so dark
You can hardly see... ♪

This doesn't go!

It's broken!

♪ Who ya hiding from?
Who are you hiding from? ♪

♪ I think you're looking good
Well, I'm missing you... ♪

My grandfather.

He died filming The Pier.

The best change in the series.

- But I also think...
- "I'm going on vacation."

Cristina, Jesús, Olalla.

Yes, of course. Sorry, Titi.

♪ Well, I guess we'll never know... ♪

Are you filming?

What do you think?


Look, I'm on the beach!

♪ Do you put 'em on when you go to bed
And then wake up with 'em on? ♪

♪ Maybe you were born in 'em
But just look what you've become ♪

♪ You ain't no beauty queen
You ain't no superstar ♪

♪ You're just an old little guy ♪

♪ That's really all you are ♪


Does Money Heist have a script? ›

There were 52 versions of the first script of Money Heist (aka La Casa De Papel). Sara Solomando remembers this detail clearly — it was her job to fact-check.

Who wrote the script for Money Heist? ›

Álex Pina (Pamplona) is a television producer, writer, series creator, scriptwriter and Spanish film director, known recently for his global hit crime drama Money Heist. Previous shows include Vis a Vis (Locked Up), El embarcadero (The Pier), and Los hombres de Paco (Paco's Men).

How realistic is Money Heist? ›

Highly unlikely if not impossible. Professors plan worked because of holding hostages but in real life some of the hostages could be police or soldiers, either undercover or just there locally. With a bit of cooperation the hostages would take control, it would only be a matter of time.

What is the Netflix movie about Money Heist? ›

Eight thieves take hostages and lock themselves in the Royal Mint of Spain as a criminal mastermind manipulates the police to carry out his plan. Watch all you want.

Is the Royal Mint of Spain in Money Heist real? ›

Spanish National Research Council as the Royal Mint of Spain. For security reasons, filming outside the actual Royal Mint is strictly prohibited. However, the Spanish National Research Council's exteriors resemble the Royal Mint, making it a perfect alternative.

Is Money Heist original? ›

Original Release

Series on Netflix Check out an entire wiki for Money Heist over at Money Heist Wiki. Money Heist, also known by its Spanish name La Casa de Papel, is a Spanish hit series written by Álex Pina. It centres around a group of thieves that attempt to hijack the Royal Mint of Spain and print their own money.

Who planned Money Heist? ›

The Professor, real name Sergio, mostly grew up in hospitals due to being a sick child. He leads the gang, and is the one who carefully plans and organises the heist in the Royal Mint and the Bank of Spain. He is sophisticated but nerdy. The idea of the first heist is to avenge his father, whose idea it originally was.

How much did Money Heist earn? ›

60,00,000) per episode.

Is the Bank of Spain vault real? ›

The Bank of Spain contains a vault called The Chamber of Gold which houses most of the Spanish gold reserves that can date far back as the 12th century. It is located 37 feet deep in the Bank of Spain, which is in front of the Cibeles Fountain.

Who is smartest in Money Heist? ›

You can't deny the fact that Sergio and Raquel (Itziar Ituño) are the smartest pair in the whole of Money Heist. After joining the team, Raquel was able to bring valuable insight from her police force years, but she is also knowledgeable in numerous regular life skills.

Why is Money Heist so good? ›

One of the many great series on Netflix depicts a group of people breaking into Spain's national mint. "La casa de papel" ("Money Heist" in English) is a series that you just gotta see. Rapid-fire dialogue, clever editing, and all sorts of twists and turns make this one of the best shows out there.

How old is Tokyo in Money Heist? ›

While Tokyo's exact age hasn't been mentioned, it is said that there is a 12-year age gap between herself and Rio. Therefore, this would make Tokyo around the age of 36.

Which movie is as good as Money Heist? ›

If you loved 'Money Heist', here is watchlist of similar shows...
  • Ocean's movie series. Ocean's movie series is one of the best heist movies ever made. ...
  • Now You See Me movie series. ...
  • Mission Impossible movie series. ...
  • Prison Break. ...
  • Ozark. ...
  • Inception. ...
  • Dirty Money. ...
  • Catch Me If You Can.
Oct 17, 2020

Why Netflix cancelled Money Heist? ›

According to the creator and executive producer, Alex Pina, it was difficult to generate the next season because of the exploitation of the characters. "We've made over 2,000 minutes of fiction with two heists. I think we've exhausted some of the characters' emotional arcs and their arcs of transformation." Pina said.

Is Money Heist based in Mexico? ›

'The House of Paper') is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and one on the Bank of Spain, told from the perspective of one of the robbers, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó).

Is Professor and Raquel together in real life? ›

2. Itziar Ituno (Raquel Murillo) The inspector who turns robber later on, happens to be single at the moment. Itziar Ituno has said in one of the interviews that she does not like to mix her professional and personal lives.

Did they use real gold in Money Heist? ›

He returns the gold but it's just gold-plated brass. Tamayo catches on but they come to an agreement: To calm the public, he will announce the heist is over, the fake gold will stay in the Bank of Spain and they'll fool authorities by fake-killing the red jumpsuit-wearing crew.

Is heist based on a true story? ›

Heist is a 2021 American Netflix true crime documentary series that follows the story of three heists, each told through first-hand interviews and reenactments by the people who performed them. The series was released on July 14, 2021.

Why was Tokyo so loyal to the professor? ›

This Tokyo is unconditionally devoted to the Professor's plans and to the overall heist. It's assumed that the reason for her loyalty toward the Professor is that she sees him as her savior.

Will Money Heist season 6 come? ›

Money Heist Season 6 is unfortunately not going to happen; Season 5 will be the last Netflix original series, as was announced last year.

Who is the real villain in Money Heist? ›

Sergio Marquina, better known as The Professor, is the main protagonist, as well as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Berlin) of the Netflix series Money Heist. Serving as the overarching antagonist of Part 1, the main antagonist of Part 2, and the villainous protagonist for the rest of the series.

How old is Rio in Money Heist? ›

Rio. Rio counts as the youngest Heist gang member at 23 years old. Due to his interest in computers, he started programming at the young age of six.

Is Berlin and Palermo brothers? ›

Berlin. Palermo was in love with his best friend Berlin for ten years, so much so that he suffered severely from depression after his death, turning to alcohol as a coping mechanism. During an argument, Nairobi accuses Palermo of being so weak that he has never been able to tell Berlin that he is in love with him.

What tokyo said in Money Heist? ›

Money Heist: 10 Best Tokyo Quotes
  • “In The End, Love Is A Good Reason For Everything To Fall Apart.” ...
  • “When You Hit Rock Bottom, You Still Have A Way To Go Until The Abyss.” ...
  • “Happiness Is Like Lightning, Blink And You Miss It.”
Sep 21, 2021

Who is the most famous actor in Money Heist? ›

Premios FerozBest Lead Actress in a SeriesÚrsula Corberó
Best Lead Actor in a SeriesÁlvaro Morte
Best Supporting Actress in a SeriesAlba Flores
Best Supporting Actor in a SeriesPaco Tous
17 more rows

What is the famous line in Tokyo Money Heist? ›

Tokyo: 'You wave a white flag and turn yourself in!

How much did Netflix pay to buy Money Heist? ›

According to KoiMoi, a screenwriter for the show said that three months after the show was cancelled in Spain, it was bought by Netflix for "literally two dollars. They bunged it out without any promotion, and within two weeks, it was number one around the world.”

How much did Netflix pay for La Casa de Papel? ›

It was the destiny of the show, and everyone involved that Netflix found it out, and it became an overnight sensation post it was renamed Money Heist. But did you know? Netflix bought La Casa de Papel for just, wait for it, $2.

What is the most expensive heist? ›

Antwerp diamond heist
The Antwerp Diamond Centre
DateFebruary 15–16, 2003
ParticipantsLeonardo Notarbartolo
OutcomeMore than $100 million of property stolen
MissingDiamonds, gold, silver and other types of jewelry
4 more rows

Who is the most famous safe maker? ›

Frederick S. Holmes was an American safe and vault engineer and inventor who designed the largest vaults in the world. During his career, Holmes designed hundreds of vaults throughout the United States, Canada and Japan from 1895 to 1941.

What is the most guarded Bank in the world? ›

The maximum-security gold vault in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is located in the basement of the Manhattan building. The Fed is the custodian of the valuable reserves and has the responsibility of guarding it for account holders, such as the U.S. government and central banks.

How much gold is in Bank of Spain? ›

What was Spain's Gold Reserves in Feb 2023?
16,352.462 Feb 202317,320.772 Jan 2023Dec 1956 - Feb 2023

Who is the weakest in Money Heist? ›

Rio (Anibal Cortes)

He's constantly seen as the weakest link, both in the first heist when the authorities get his parents to plead with him and in the second when he proves as much.

Who is the top hated characters in Money Heist? ›

Worst: Arturito

He manipulates other people into dangerous situations. He assaults defenseless women. He wants to take on the role of a hero without any of the risk. He has a big ego and he earns a living by lying.

Who is the most handsome in Money Heist? ›

The Professor from Money Heist is obviously one of the most handsome characters we've seen on TV in a long time and I have been crushing over this man like anything. His beard gives his that rugged and a raw appeal which has been appealing to both men and women alike.

Why Money Heist is not popular in Spain? ›

While the show is being widely loved amongst its fans, its fate in Spain was not the same. Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, was a massive flop in Spain. The show almost ended, as it was being scraped and was given the order to be never resurrected again.

Why is the girl so important in Money Heist? ›

Alison was a student visiting the Royal Mint of Spain with her classmates from Brighton College when the heist took place. Unbeknownst to her, she was instrumental to the timing of the heist, as The Professor knew she would be an important hostage.

Who is the pregnant woman in Money Heist? ›

Alicia has red hair that is straight and long. She has a fringe. She is pregnant throughout Part 3 and Part 4, and gives birth to her daughter Victoria in Part 5.

Is Rio younger than Tokyo? ›

Anyone His Age

One of the interesting aspects of Rio and Tokyo's relationship was the 12 year age gap between them. As previously stated, Rio is the youngest of the group which meant that had he not met Tokyo in the heist, he could have ended up with anyone around his age.

Is Tokyo Denver's mother? ›

Is Tokyo Denver's mother? Obviously no. The dying Moscow was just hallucinating or something like that by the time he was talking to Tokyo about their son Denver (since Moscow assumed that he was talking to his wife and not Tokyo) and how he had to leave her.

Who is the youngest in Money Heist? ›

The "maknae" (the youngest person) of the heist group and skilled hacker. He is a medical school dropout and son of an affluent family and the Korean version of the original Rio who is portrayed by Miguel Herrán.

Should a 14 year old watch money heist? ›

This dramatic story offers a thoughtful, sophisticated story, but does feature lots of gun violence, some blood, strong sexual content (including nudity and partially undressed teens), cigarette smoking, and references to illegal drug use.

What is the best heist in real life? ›

In January 1976, amid the chaos of the Lebanese Civil War, a group of robbers staged the largest-ever theft of safe-deposit boxes, according to the Guinness World Records. The target was the British Bank of the Middle East in Beirut.

Which TV series is better than Money Heist? ›

'Peaky Blinders'

There's an operatic edge to both Money Heist and Peaky Blinders that makes them both irresistible. From Steven Knight comes this show about the life and lies of the Shelby crime family.

Did Money Heist really end? ›

Is Money Heist finished forever? ›

Yes, La Casa de Papel, a.k.a. Money Heist, is ending after five seasons, each more preposterously and gloriously and intricate than the last. We'll have to give a finale salute to the Professor and his crew of thieves, and surround ourselves with Money Heist merch to ward off pop culture melancholy.

Is Money Heist really over? ›

Money Heist reached its end on Friday, December 3, after premiering the second part of the final season of the show. The Spanish series, formally known as La Casa de Papel, has left fans across the globe emotional with its ending. Netflix series Money Heist came to an end on Friday.

What language is Money Heist recorded in? ›

Money Heist is a Spanish-language television series, featuring an entirely Spanish cast.

Is Money Heist dubbed by the actors? ›

Part of Money Heist's success outside of Spain could be attributed to the solid dubbing by English actors for the series, making it much easier for a non-Spanish speaking audience to become engrossed in the tense theatrics.

Is Money Heist audio in English? ›

You can watch it in English and enjoy the show.

What language is Professor Money Heist? ›

Voice Actor

Sergio Marquina, better known as The Professor ( Spanish: El Profesor ), is one of the main characters in the Netflix series Money Heist, portrayed by actor Álvaro Morte.

Why did they cancel Money Heist? ›

According to the creator and executive producer, Alex Pina, it was difficult to generate the next season because of the exploitation of the characters. "We've made over 2,000 minutes of fiction with two heists. I think we've exhausted some of the characters' emotional arcs and their arcs of transformation." Pina said.

Is Money Heist lip synced? ›

It is a Spanish show that is dubbed, so you need to get used to the lips not being synced. I tried to watch it, seemed like it needed to be a 2 hour movie, and not a episodic series. Moved really slow in my opinion, but it wasn't terrible, just not my cup of tea. Watched it all.

Why is Netflix doing voice overs? ›

As Netflix pushes to expand international programming, dubbing helps make more shows and films accessible to viewers who do not like to, or can't, read subtitles.

Does Netflix use the same voice actors for dubbing? ›

While Netflix requires dubbing studios to use voice talent that is well-established as the in-territory counterpart for any actor involved in the original production, Netflix may also request approval of voices in order to maintain the creative intent of the original cast and/or provide feedback to guide talent towards ...

Is Money Heist good for learning Spanish? ›

Casa Del Papel - Money Heist

But considering it's now one of the most watched television series in HISTORY, this is a must-watch if you're learning Spanish. Just brace yourself for the pace. And if you're not learning Spanish, just watch it, no questions asked.

Does Netflix have English audio? ›

You can change the subtitles, captions, and audio language for many TV shows and movies. Netflix shows 5-7 relevant languages on most devices based on your location and language settings. For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and web browsers, you'll see all available languages for a title.

Does Money Heist have a soundtrack? ›

Enjoy the original music of the most watched non-English language series on Netflix ever! Delicate and lustful, featuring warm female lead vocals, ethnic percussion and spanish guitar that create a warm, romantic mood.

Who is smartest person in Money Heist? ›

The Professor in 'Money Heist'

Some may argue that The Professor's intelligence isn't realistic, but in the context of the series, he is undoubtedly a genius. He is solely responsible for devising the heist strategy, thinking ahead of time about what to do with hostages, managing his crew, and outwitting the police.

How old is Lisbon in Money Heist? ›

Itziar Ituño (age 45) is best known from the Netflix series ”Money Heist” AKA ”La Casa Da Papel” as Raquel Murrilo (Lisbon).


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