What Gianna Hammer Says Happened To Her While Filming MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’ (2023)

Production on MTV’s reality dating show "Are You The One?" (AYTO?) has been paused indefinitely and its fifth season erased from streaming services after former contestant Gianna Hammer came forward with serious accusations against members of the show’s cast and crew.

Hammer entered the public eye in 2017 during season five of AYTO, a reality competition show that uses a matchmaking algorithm to secretly pair contestants, promising cash prizes if everyone in the group finds their "perfect matches."

The fifth season cast is the only one that has failed thus far, but according to Hammer, the disappointing finale wasn’t the worst thing that happened during the show's filming.

What happened to Gianna Hammer during the filming of AYTO?

Over the past few weeks, Hammer has made public claims that producers on the show "drugged" her into a dangerous stupor and allowed a fellow cast member to sexually assault her.

She further alleges that the production team went on to intimidate and gaslight her, all while conspiring to cover up the entire ordeal.

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The reality star, who is now 25 and was 21 at the time, first went public with her story on TikTok in late March.

In a ten-part series that begins with the caption, “The time I got drugged and sexually assaulted while filming a reality show,” Hammer describes the events she says occurred while shooting season 5 of AYTO.

"I'm going to talk about something I have never, like, publicly talked about," she begins. "Four years ago while filming 'Are You The One?' I was drugged and sexually assaulted."

Hammer explains that she had been treating her depression and anxiety with Zoloft, an SSRI that is known to have potentially dangerous effects if mixed with alcohol.

One night, after heavy drinking and an altercation with a male cast member, she says that the show’s producers pulled her aside and pressured her into taking a second dose of the medication.

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“I remember clearly telling them ‘No,’ that I was so drunk and I'm not supposed to take my medication on alcohol” Hammer says, "And I also remember them saying 'It'll be OK. Just take it."

“Now, that’s the last thing I remember of that night,” she says.

From there, Hammer says things get "fuzzy," as she doesn't remember the rest of the evening and has had to rely on others to fill her in on their versions of what happened.

She says producers approached her the next morning and asked if she remember anything from the previous night.

Upon learning from Hammer that she had blacked out and the only thing she could recall was them "giving her a pill" when she was "super drunk," she says the show’s producers denied having done so and then filled her in on the rest of the night's disturbing developments.

They told Hammer that she had been “seen in bed with” an unidentified male cast member and was heard saying no before some fellow castmates physically pulled her out of the bed.

Hammer alleges the producers downplayed the incident before asking a shaken Hammer to decide if she wanted the cast member who had attempted to assault her to be kicked off of the show.

“I sat there, not even answering right away," Hammer told The Daily Beast. "I was staring at them, like, you just told me that this happened and I don’t remember it, now you want me to make this decision?”

In response, she says “They made this comment, saying, ‘He flew all the way out here, we did all this testing for him, he has a perfect match in this house, it would be a lot to send him back, he'd have to spend the rest of the time in a hotel by himself.’”

Rather than kick him off the show, AYTO’s management banned the offender from sleeping in the communal bedroom with the rest of the cast, relegating him to the couch instead.

Hammer says production also jointly forbid both her and the alleged attacker from consuming alcohol for the remainder of filming, saying neither could "handle their alcohol," which Hammer says felt like a punishment.

Additionally, she says they asked her and the rest of the cast members to sign NDAs agreeing not to talk about the situation while filming and promised that no footage from the night would be aired.

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Cast members who were there have supported Hammer’s story.

Fellow contestants Hayden Weaver and Tyranny Todd have both attested to knowing about Hammer receiving the dangerous extra dose of her medication, with Weaver saying he was there and saw it happen.

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According to Todd, Hammer became so intoxicated after taking the pill that she was “in and out of consciousness.”

Weaver, who went on to date Hammer for over two years after the show, told reporters that his then-future partner was essentially “unconscious with her eyes open.”

Both observed that Hammer was clearly in no state to consent to sexual activity.

Todd said she was in the bedroom at the time of the assault and heard Hammer telling him to stop before looking over to see him on top of her. It was then that they quickly pulled Hammer from the bed and asked producers for help.

“We knew that Gianna was taken advantage of,” Todd declared, conveying her outrage over her bunkmate’s abuse.

Todd, Weaver and other cast members maintain that AYTO’s producers were obligated to intervene in the attempted assault, yet they did nothing.

While Weaver did not directly witness the assault, he later came to the unsettling realization that it had been filmed.

“I remember at one point looking at the room and there was a camera pointed where Gianna was laying,” Weaver said. “I couldn’t see what exactly they were filming, I just assumed they were getting some shots of people sleeping that they can edit into stuff for the show. I came to realize later that [the male cast member] was basically starting to touch her and they were filming it as if it was like a hookup.”

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What happened leading up to and during the season 5 AYTO reunion?

Some time around January 2017, then-couple Hammer and Weaver say they were pressured into attending an AYTO reunion despite first declining to participate and informing MTV representative Lauren Zins, currently Vice President of Talent and Casting at MTV, that both wanted no further involvement with the show.

“This is personal for us,” Weaver says he wrote in an email to Zins. “Not one apology, ever. They just wanted us to forget it ever happened. And that’s now what we are trying to do."

“I am not a magician, I can’t erase the past,” Zin replied. “What I can do (and what I’ve done already) is make the higher ups at MTV aware of the situation and put in place a call to action to make sure these serious issues do not happen again."

"That said," she continued, "after you and Gianna had mapped out everything that had happened, you assured me that you would participate. I’m past the point of hashing this out. Unless there are new details, I should be made privy to, this doesn’t affect the reunion or the fact that you’re now going back on your word."

In closing, Zins stated, "You may feel that this reunion is a reminder of all the negative experiences, but I’m more of a glass half full person who would take the opportunity to remember that if it weren’t for this show, you never would have met Gianna.”

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At the event, Hammer and Weaver say an unauthorized video of her was shown to other contestants, depicting her in an inebriated state and a situation that she doesn't remember on the night she alleges she was drugged and assaulted.

Hammer demanded to see the footage for herself, but says she was denied.

Why Hammer is Telling Her Story Now, Four Years Later

Though Lighthearted Entertainment continues to deny that any of AYTO’s contestants signed an NDA or reported abuse, Hammer says that in the summer of 2020, she was contacted by an attorney for Viacom who said she had seen her posts on social media and wanted to investigate the matter further.

That further inquiry concluded at the beginning of 2021, with the lawyer informing Hammer that although the production company did admit "some details," all they would be able to do now is ban the unnamed assailant.

Hammer was affronted by the company’s refusal to acknowledge her trauma or offer her an apology.

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Why It Took Me 25 Years To Admit I Was Raped

I literally have email proof from 2017 reporting my incident to an mtv rep, who then replied would relay it to mtv. Meanwhile in their statement: pic.twitter.com/KDOue6YYhS

— Gianna Hammer (@giannahammer) April 19, 2021

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Earlier today, Hammer posted a new TikTok updating her followers on the situation.

"To update everyone," she says, "I have not heard personally from MTV or Lighthearted. I know they put out a statement denying my allegations and I think that's just a huge reason why people who go through traumatic sexual assaults don't come forward."

"I've looked into the next steps I can take with this, but for now, I'm just really happy that I can start to take my power backand help people who have gone through similar experiences," she continued.

"Staying strong and hopeful. We'll see how that goes."

Hammer still doesn’t want to officially name her attacker.

The AYTO alum has expressed mixed feelings about the unnamed castmate, who was reportedly also extremely drunk on the night of the assault.

Reflecting on the events in hindsight, Hammer has said, “I didn’t know how to feel about it and there’s still a part of me that I still don’t know how to feel about it. I do have anger for him, but I guess I just won’t ever feel like he had a malicious intention. I don’t think this was something he planned to do.”

Hammer and her fellow cast members who have come forward prefer to hold MTV and Lighthearted Entertainment accountable for facilitating the attempted assault, denying its fallout, and continuing to refusing to help.

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual harassment, assault and/or abuse, you are not alone. Visit RAINN.org for resources or call 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

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What Gianna Hammer Says Happened To Her While Filming MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’? ›

after a former contestant has alleged she was drugged and sexually assaulted during filming. Gianna Hammer, a contestant on Season 5, which aired in 2017, tells The Daily Beast she was given prescription medication by production to calm her down after an argument with a cast member.

What happened to Gianna from Are You The One? ›

MTV has paused production of the reality TV show "Are You the One?" after Gianna Hammer, a former cast member, alleged she was drugged and sexually assaulted during filming on her season.

What are the Gianna Hammer allegations? ›

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Hammer, 25, alleges that a fellow cast member, whom she did not name, sexually assaulted her while shooting the television program in the Dominican Republic in 2016. She claims that several other cast members intervened and pulled Hammer out of the bed.

Did MTV cancel Are You The One? ›

'Are You the One?' Renewed for Global Season, Moves to Paramount Plus - Variety.

Why is season 5 of Are You The One not on MTV? ›

If you were hoping to join in on the binge-session for Are You The One season 5 on Netflix, you won't be able to in the U.S. In fact, you can't stream the fifth season on any streaming platform in the U.S. MTV decided to pull the fifth season from all streaming services in the U.S. after allegations of misconduct ...

Are Hayden and Gianna still together? ›

Gianna and Hayden from season five are now parents.

The couple came back together before the reunion episode and welcomed their first child in August 2018.

What happened to Gianna and Hayden? ›

Gianna and Hayden welcomed a son together in 2018, but parted ways in 2019. Shannon from Season 5 connected with Season 6's Anthony, and later welcomed a daughter together in October 2020.

Who is Gianna Hammer baby daddy? ›

parents club: Gianna Hammer and Hayden Weaver just welcomed their first child!

Has anyone been kicked off Are You the One? ›

Mike Crescenzo was a cast member on Season 3 of Are You the One?. He was removed from the show due to aggressive behaviour.

What was the worst season of AYTO? ›

It comes as no surprise that Are You the One? ranks season 5 as the worst season in the show's history, as it has the extremely dubious distinction of being the only season where the cast lost at the final matchup and went home with nothing.

Is anyone from you're the one still together? ›

The sixth season of AYTO wrapped up in December 2017, and there was plenty of drama. Only one couple remains as Clinton Moxam and Uche Nwosu happily married in September 2021.

Does the cast of Are You the One get paid? ›

At the final matchmaking ceremony, the contestants had to get all 11 perfect match beams to win and they did. Since the money is split evenly between all 22 contestants, each contestant would be receiving about $45,450.

How much money does each person win on Are You the One? ›

While living together, the contestants try to identify all of these "perfect matches." If they succeed, the entire group shares a prize of up to $1 million. All couples in the first seven seasons were male-female, while in the eighth season a contestant's match could be someone of any gender.

Did anyone ever win Are You the One? ›

Only one season of the show has lost the game.

So far, cast members on seven of the eight seasons of the show have successfully found their matches.

Are Paige and Remy still together? ›

Paige and Remy admitted to hooking up and enjoying a brief fling during the finale of season 8, although Paige appears to be single in 2022.

Who is Gianna new boyfriend? ›

Giannina Gibelli Has 'Officially' Moved Into Boyfriend Blake Horstmann's Colorado Home. Giannina Gibelli and her boyfriend Blake Horstmann have accomplished a new milestone in their romance.

Are Remy and Amber still together? ›

Amber and Remy were one of the Perfect Matches of the season, but they were never actually together.

Is Hayden still with Rachel? ›

Hayden and Rachel—who split in 2017 after 10 years together—went with another Disney reference instead, naming their daughter after Princess Aurora.

When did Hayden and Rachel break up? ›

They quietly called off their nuptials in August 2010 but got back together three months later. In October 2014, Bilson gave birth to the couple's only child together, daughter Briar Rose. A source confirmed to Us in October 2017 that Emma Roberts was involved in Bilson and Christensen's split.

Is Moe and Kayla still together? ›

Moe & Kayla

No longer together, Moe currently works as the owner of Mohammed El-Khalil Insurance Agency in Texas, recently posting on Instagram about his inspiring professional goals.

Where is Season 5 Are You the One? ›

Are You the One? (season 5)
Are You the One?
Season 5
Presented byRyan Devlin
No. of contestants22
LocationCabarete, Dominican Republic
10 more rows

What happened to Zak and Hannah Are You the One? ›

Rathbun's perfect match, according to the show, was Hunter Barfield. She decided to pursue a relationship with Zak Longo after leaving the show. The couple went their separate ways in 2018, and Rathbun has been living her single life as an influencer and content creator ever since!

How long do contestants stay on Are You the One? ›

Contestants try to seek out love in a 10 week stay at a destination house all together where true love is really put to the test. Along the way couples go into this thing called a truth booth to find out if they are a "perfect match" or "no match" at all.

Are any of the couples from season 4 Are You the One still together? ›

None of the couples from Are You The One Season 4 is still together. Even those who supposedly had a strong connection and pursued a relationship after the show all ended up splitting.

Are any of the couples from Are You the One season 1? ›

One of the show's most successful love connections happened in season 1 between Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond. After they fell for each other during filming, Ethan proposed during the reunion special, which aired in March 2014. They tied the knot in September of that year and later welcomed daughters Scarlett and Serena.

Is AYTO scripted? ›

In 2016, former cast members spoke with International Business Times (IBT) about the show and their experiences on it. And the consensus seems to be that Are You the One? is not scripted.

Who was the perfect match on Are You the One season 1? ›

Chris T. & Paige6/7Perfect Match
Ryan & Kayla8Not A Match
Wes & Kayla9Perfect Match
John & Jacy10Not A Match
6 more rows

Did any couples stay together from dated and related? ›

Some couples found their match in the first episode, while others needed time to find a deep connection. Three finalists left Dated and Related (which premiered in early September 2022) together in the season finale, but not every pair stayed together after the show ended.

Are any of the perfect matches in Are You the One together? ›

Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond are the only perfect match couple that's together in the show's history. The pair were smitten with one another from day one and continued building on their connection after their season concluded. They wouldn't let the girls in because baseball tickets can't get you in to… THIS GUN SHOW💪🏼.

Are any couples from Are You the One Season 9 still together? ›

After Are You the One? Season 9 ended with the contestants going home $750,000 richer; it seems as though a few couples have remained together. Shortly after the finale, Leo Svete and Brooke Rachman, who clicked from the beginning but were determined not to be a perfect match, revealed they had started a relationship.

Are there rules for contestants on Are You the One? ›

Only one solution is the right one. While living together, the participants try to find the solution in a maximum of 10 rounds. If the participants find all the perfect matches before they are out of rounds, they win an amount of money. Every round, the participants can send one couple to the truth booth.

Did Tyler from Are You the One get money? ›

In 2017, under the name Tyler Colon, Tai was a contestant on season six of MTV's Are You the One? and ended up winning $50,000. But he says unlike all those contestants on The Bachelor, Tai definitely didn't go on the show “for the right reason.” “I did it for the money completely,” he laughs.

Do alone contestants get paid if they don't win? ›

Being alone in the wilderness with no luxuries, one would expect that they would pocket a significant sum of money for actually participating in the competition. However, the reality is the contestants are not paid per episode, and the only amount one can get is the $500,000 paid to the last man standing.

Do dating shows pay contestants? ›

But rest assured, the contestants on the dating series are still paid a small salary. According to a lawsuit filed by season two contestant Jeremy Hartwell in July 2022, the Netflix show pays Love Is Blind stars $1,000 per week, up to $8,000 for the length of filming the show, per Variety.

How long does it take to film Are You the One? ›

There are 10 match-up ceremonies over the course of six weeks of physical shooting — although the production schedule doesn't necessarily equate to a match-up ceremony every four days. But really, that means the contestants have just a few days between ceremonies to make their guesses.

Does Are You the One split the money? ›

Each week, the housemates participate in a match-up ceremony and are given the opportunity to declare who their perfect match is. If all 11 perfect matches are correct within 10 rounds, the contestants will split $1 million dollars.

Who is the most famous person from Are You the One? ›

Michael Johnson - 443,000 Followers

Michael appeared in season six of Are You The One?, the highest rated of the show according to IMDb.

Do they split the million dollars on Are You the One? ›

The series advertised a $1 million prize to the winner. However, as all 22 contestants matched with each other, the 11 couples all split the prize -- leading to each individual getting around $45,454.

Do Chris and Paige get together Are You the One? ›

The pair ultimately decided not to stay married on Decision Day. However, during the May 2021 reunion show, Chris and Paige revealed they had attended counseling in an attempt to fix the marriage. However, after things didn't improve, the pair chose to divorce.

Where is Gianna Martello now? ›

She has been on faculty at the ALDC for over 15 years and serves as a guest instructor and competition judge around the world.

What happened to Curtis and Briana from Are You the One? ›

Curtis & Briana: Not Together

“I got really overwhelmed with being so serious so soon. I ended up breaking things off with Curtis.

Where are Chris and Shanley now? ›

Chris is now committed to his longtime girlfriend Jamie, and they share two children together. Shanley is currently in a relationship with Cameron Porras.

How did Abby meet Gianna? ›

But it wasn't until she visited Abby Lee's studio at the age of 6 that she really fell in love. "We saw her teach an acrobatics class," Gianna, now 29, told Parade in 2017. "And within the first five minutes my mom, who is also a dancer said, 'she knows what she's doing. This is where you have to go.

Why did Abby fire Miranda? ›

Abby texts Miranda and fires her for choreographing a routine behind her back, and Ashlee and Brynn leave the team due to the Irreplaceables' moms verbally abusing them online.

What is Gianna to Abby? ›

Gianna was Abby's student by the age of four or five. She says the drama is real at the studio, and the drama was worse there when she was a dancer with "really crazy moms."

Why did Briana and her boyfriend break up? ›

"I think it takes two to make a relationship work and both of us are not putting in the work," she told Bobby at a coffee shop. "Maybe I'm asking for too much with the wrong person. If I'm depressed or sad, I just want my partner to show that they're there." Briana added, "I'm not happy in this relationship right now.

Are any of the couples from Are You the One still together? ›

The sixth season of AYTO wrapped up in December 2017, and there was plenty of drama. Only one couple remains as Clinton Moxam and Uche Nwosu happily married in September 2021.

Are Chris and Paige still together? ›

The pair ultimately decided not to stay married on Decision Day. However, during the May 2021 reunion show, Chris and Paige revealed they had attended counseling in an attempt to fix the marriage. However, after things didn't improve, the pair chose to divorce.

Are Shanley and Chris T still together from Are You the One? ›

Sadly, no. According to Instagram, Shanley is living her best life in Los Angeles with boyfriend Cameron Porras.

Are Chris and Joe still together? ›

But after just three weeks out of the villa, the pair decided they were better of as friends. Chris announced the news on Instagram, saying the split was "amicable" and that they were simply "too busy" to make "quality time" for one another.


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